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Living overseas has turned me into a bit of a hoarder. You can actually get almost anything (food-wise) here in Lebanon… if you are willing to pay.  I’ve blogged about that several times before. Another weird phenomenon I’ve discovered is the case of the disappearing applesauce (or pumpkin or oatmeal or….)  When you see something … Continue reading

The Sheet Saga

Isla did a great job sleeping in a “big girl bed” (i.e. mattress on the floor) while we were in Germany.  Ruby is rolling like crazy and trying to crawl, so the bassinet just wasn’t working anymore.  She needed the crib.  So we finally made the switch… or at least we’ve been trying to! In … Continue reading

All we need now is a Target

These signs have been up in the Beirut Souks for a few months now. When I first saw them, I nearly cried I was so excited.  Then I realized that this is Lebanon, where a box of Special K now costs $14.  So if the Gap is on the expensive side in the States, there … Continue reading

Avocado, please!

Although I really really really miss Target and Harris Teeter, there is something really nice about the neighborhood market.  We have two little shops right across the street from us that we visit often.  (Almost three – they are opening up a butcher shop soon – yay!)  We have the “dukan,” where we get water, … Continue reading