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not my day

so, i got a call to sub as a librarian today. sounded like something fun and different, so i took the job. i got to school about 7:45 and discovered that i didn’t have my first class until 10.  sweet.   lots of time to prepare for the three classes i’d be teaching, plus maybe … Continue reading

the greatness that is my job

i work as a substitute teacher in gilbert. i come home with the greatest presents :) just ignore the spelling :)     not sure what exactly the point of the story is, but it’s sweet! :)

i’d like to move to asly please

So, a while back at school I gave a geography quiz to a class of third graders. They had to label the seven continents and four oceans. I got such a kick out of their answers, I just had to share…. The Oceans: Pratic Ocean, Anratic Ocean, Pacfio Ocean, Sith Ocean Europe: Erip, Eroup, Yearup … Continue reading

the things you hear at school…

i was teaching kindergarten today, and the class was watching ‘charlie brown’s thanksgiving.’ charlie brown and his friends are all in the back of a station wagon (fun fact: i cried buckets when my parents sold our station wagon), and they are singing that christmas song, ‘over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s … Continue reading