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Re: Night at the Roxbury

I read a prayer recently that someone posted on their blog (can’t remember which one, sorry!) that quoted John Piper…in the prayer, he prayed that God would help us to grasp the spectacle of our sin, and through that, the grandness of God’s holiness.  “Spectacle” struck me as such a strange word choice. The dictionary … Continue reading

allegorizing the Trinity?

One interest of mine that continually challenges me…and never really leaves me satisfied…is looking for ways to communicate the Christian doctrine of the Trinity.  The communication of this doctrine, I believe, is an essential element of Christian teaching.  Often, though, especially in evangelical circles, we are so concerned with the application of doctrine, that we … Continue reading

change in plans?

If you’ve been watching the news at all over the last couple days, I’d imagine this question may have come to your mind concerning us and our plans. Let me just say up front: Our plans right now remain unchanged. We are still hoping to be in Beirut by mid-September starting language studies. Does the … Continue reading

God’s glory

While I was in seminary, one of my professors was talking about God’s glory in nature and in mankind. One of the lines of thought that he took that really caught my attention is that because God has created humans to bear his image, humans are the supreme reflectors of God’s glory in all of … Continue reading

your church vs. the ideal church?

Good questions have a way of making you think about them for a long time after you answered them. So, here’s a question I was asked recently, that I’ve been muddling on ever since: Which do you love more, your local church or the ideal Church? I answered by saying that I love my church … Continue reading

snippets from the early church

Strange how much you can miss something that you were so ready to put away when you had it, isn’t it? The past month or two, I have ached to be back at seminary wrestling with some of the ideas I grappled with there. I miss those discussions. One that has been on my mind … Continue reading

the hermeneutical principle of suffering…

So, I’m up a little late tonight, reflecting. Chalk it up to the late afternoon thunderstorm show that transitioned into a radiant yellow on orange on blue on purple sunset…or chalk it up to my chicken schwarma and hummus filled belly. But, I’m reflective tonight. And that means my journal got a work out. About … Continue reading