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Top ten blog posts

I’ll share my favorite blogs soon, but today’s list are my top ten favorite blog posts of 2012.   Some are from blogs I’ve been reading for a while, others are blogs I don’t normally read but stumbled across via facebook or a news article or who knows how else.  Some are funny, some are challenging, … Continue reading

Top Ten beautiful feet

Okay, I admit it.  I’m a bit obsessed with all the year end top ten lists going around.  There’s a list out there for everyone, really.  Top ten movies, check! (haven’t seen a single one.)  Top ten photos, check!  (so sad that most revolve around disaster and war.) Top ten new species discovered in 2012, … Continue reading

Top Ten Isla-isms

Isla actually didn’t really start talking a lot until this summer, when her vocab just exploded.  Now we can’t get her to stop talking.  Like any toddler, she’s had some funny ways of expressing herself, funny pronunciations. Here are my favorites: 10.  “One two fee dubba vee” (when she was learning to count at the … Continue reading

Top Ten beautiful feet posts

I know, I know… we are well into 2012, so what’s with all the end-of-year posts in January? Eh, I thought it was a fun idea and didn’t get around to it with all the busy-ness of the end of holidays.  So, to continue… here are the ten most read posts from our blog in … Continue reading

Top Ten Blogs

My favorite blogs from 2011… maybe you’ll find a new one to follow! 10.  Awkward Family Photos I imagine most of you have seen this already… if you haven’t, make sure you aren’t drinking anything when you check it out… unless you want to be cleaning coffee off your computer screen! 9.  Enjoying the Small … Continue reading

Isla’s Top Ten

Isla’s favorites from 2011 (in no particular order) 10. Airplanes   This child will probably grow up to be a pilot.  Her excitement about airplanes leads her to do crazy things, like stay awake for 26 hours straight so as not to miss a minute of going up, flying, going down, running through airports and … Continue reading

Top ten things I will do in America

So, besides the obvious seeing family and friends, here are the top ten really not important but kind of important things that I will do when we set foot on American soil for the first time in two years: (In no particular order): 1. Flush my toilet paper.  (I might just throw a whole roll … Continue reading