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A TCK’s home

In the course of a year, we don’t travel a lot.  But when we do travel, it’s often epic trips, including several countries, states, many planes and even more beds for my children to sleep in.  I actually used to keep track of how many flights Isla had been on, but lost track around 30…. … Continue reading

TCK in transition. But not really.

We’re taking a little vacation tomorrow.  So excited to have nothing to do but sit on the beach, swim in the pool and of course, take a trip to Ikea! The girls are excited too… it’s been really interesting to see Isla “prepare” for this trip.  Our little TCK is getting to be a pro … Continue reading

Summer blog series

Well, we’ve been in Colorado for two days now.  Working on getting over jet-lag (party at 2am anyone?) and re-assuring Isla that the neighbor’s garage door opening is not actually a bear. We’ve sufficiently overwhelmed ourselves by just one visit to Target and the girls have eaten their weight in blueberries and raspberries.  We’ve laughed … Continue reading

Baby friendly(er) Beirut

I wrote a couple of posts on having a baby in Beirut when Isla was just a few months old.  Even though they are a few years old, they are still some of the more popular posts on this blog… the result of many Google searches about traveling to Beirut with a baby. While I … Continue reading

Last stop: Arizona

Our few days in Arizona were all about Isla getting in touch with her Hutcherson roots… We had lots of good family time, more than one trip to Target, a fun time catching up with friends and supporters at our open house, and a chance to share a bit of our life with our church … Continue reading

Back to Beirut

It’s late and I’m tired and still not packed, so my Arizona update will have to wait until we get back to Lebanon…. but wanted to post something quick. We leave Phoenix tomorrow morning… I’m really not looking forward to the three flights and 24+ hours of travel time ahead of us.  Isla has hit … Continue reading

Next stop: Dallas

And I thought our time in NC was busy…!  We arrived in Dallas Wednesday evening and hit the ground running.  We rented a car and drove straight to Scofield Memorial Church where we were able to share a bit of our ministry at their prayer meeting.  It was such a fun and encouraging time!  This … Continue reading

Stop #1: North Carolina

After 24 long, long hours of travel (which could have been worse, but could have been lots better!), we finally arrived in Raleigh on Friday afternoon.  Isla only slept about 5 hours on the trip, so she was exhausted when we arrived, crashed, and slept until 6 am!  So, the time zone adjustment has actually … Continue reading

And we’re off!

We’re headed to the airport in a bit to begin our whirlwind trip to the States.  We have about 24 hours from when we leave our apartment until we arrive in North Carolina… assuming we have no delays or anything on the way. We’d appreciate your prayers as we travel… … for safe, uneventful flights … Continue reading

Upcoming trip

So as those of you who get our newsletter know, we have been invited to speak at a fundraising event at one of our churches in Texas next month.  Since we will already be on that side of the ocean, we were able to tag on a few days with our families in North Carolina … Continue reading