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Advent 2011

A little over a month ago we realized that if we were going to have any family Christmas traditions, this would be the year to start because Isla will actually remember them.  We knew we wanted to do some kind of advent tradition with her, but couldn’t really find anything here – except for those … Continue reading

Friends around the world

Every time we hop on another plane, we have to leave behind ones we love.  We talk about her favorite people every day – multiple times a day.  I was actually pretty surprised – we had a layover in Dallas on our way from Phoenix to Raleigh, and when we told Isla we were in … Continue reading

Isla dancing

It’s a bit hard to write a blog about life in Beirut when we aren’t actually in Beirut…  that’s my excuse, anyways, for how terrible I have been about keeping up with the blog while we’ve been in the States on Home Assignment! Sometimes I just don’t know what to write about… and now is … Continue reading

Winter was too long…

…and this poor child forgot the feeling of sand between her toes! (Warning to my mother:  watch at your own risk.  We might potentially maybe make her cry!)

Flash mob Beirut: Easter edition

So flash mobs are all the rage these days… even in Beirut!  I’ve seen a few videos bouncing around the internet of different performances, but I so wish I had been at City Mall to see this one…  They are singing about Christ’s resurrection!

Goofy baby

So, I wasn’t feeling well last night and discovered that the internet connection in the middle of the night is fast enough to upload videos!  Sooooooo, here’s my all-time favorite video (so far :)) of Isla. If you want to see more videos, you can see them on my YouTube page.  (Mom, just click on … Continue reading

Happy and Distracted

Isla learned a new skill this week… but she’s too ADD to focus on it long enough to finish a song….  ah, love her!