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Second summer

There’s a saying in Arabic that between October and November comes the second summer.  I don’t know if we can call it “second” summer this year, because the weather has basically been amazing for the past two months.  The sun is out, the breeze off the sea is cool and we leave our windows and … Continue reading

Ode to the generator

It’s hot in Beirut.  Like, 90 degrees today.  I know, oh dear friends in Arizona, that it is much hotter where you are. BUT, before you tell me that you “walked on the moon” (if you didn’t catch that reference, run to your nearest Blockbuster (are they still in business?) and find a Brian Reagan … Continue reading

Spring storms

I’m so thankful that dish towels were the only thing hanging on the line to dry when this sandstorm blew through!  Yuck! Wish we could have gotten a picture of the brown cloud moving across the morning sun… it was so eerie and strange looking!  Thankfully we don’t get sand storms often in Beirut… just … Continue reading

Christmas Week – Winter weather!

Last year the rains didn’t start until Christmas Eve; this year they are here a bit earlier.  It’s been like this for the past few weeks now.  It will pour and pour and pour for a few days and then stop for a few, and then rain and rain again.  It will most likely continue … Continue reading

November summer

The weather in Beirut has been absolutely wonderful!  When we first got here at the end of August it was hot and super humid.  After a few weeks it cooled down a little and has been gorgeous.  We had one week of big rain storms, but other than that it has been warm and sunny.  … Continue reading

fog and phone calls, just another day

Growing up working outside all the time, you’re life becomes determined by the weather. It’s been raining here for the last three days, after a bunch of rain last weekend. This is more rain than we’ve had all year. And that makes for some bad landscaping weather. This morning, we woke up to cloudless, cold … Continue reading

doing a rain dance

so, since we moved to arizona in february, it has rained three times. once when we were in dallas. once when we were in north carolina. and again this weekend while we were in colorado. i guess the solution to the drought is for us to travel more. :(