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One tosses, the other…. eats

I had planned for my weekly ‘foods we miss’ post today, but we had a pretty exciting weekend.  My little sister got married on Saturday and Isla & Ruby were the flower girls.  Isla was a flower girl in my brother’s wedding two years ago, so she’s an old pro.  Ruby….  well, let’s just say … Continue reading

On sick babies and wedding invitations

Lebanese weddings are notoriously grand. I spend my mornings with moms and their babies and my afternoons with 10 year olds, so needless to say we haven’t been invited to many weddings since we’ve lived here in Beirut. We have been to a couple really nice weddings, but none that you would describe as traditionally … Continue reading

promised pictures…

from caleb’s dad’s wedding a couple of weeks ago… cody & mackenzie, charity & nathan, alex bixler, dave & jane, derek bixler, josh & jordan used to be bixler, and us! for more pictures, click here! posted by: nicolette

second month, second wedding

last month, caleb’s brother cody got married… next month, caleb’s sister charity will be getting married… this month – last weekend – caleb’s dad got married! caleb did the wedding… lemme brag for a second – he did an amazing job! he had everyone crying and smiling… it was tough… marrying your dad only a … Continue reading

a new hutcherson, part 2!

so i promised some better pictures… here are a couple from cody (caleb’s brother) and mackenzie’s wedding! it was a sweet wedding – outside in the grass on a gorgeous day! mackenzie looked beautiful, and the reception was lots of fun. and, best of all, we have a new sister-in-law! posted by: nicolette