One tosses, the other…. eats

One tosses, the other…. eats

I had planned for my weekly ‘foods we miss’ post today, but we had a pretty exciting weekend.  My little sister got married on Saturday and Isla & Ruby were the flower girls.  Isla was a flower girl in my brother’s wedding two years ago, so she’s an old pro.  Ruby….  well, let’s just say I probably should have let Ruby play with the flower petals a bit to get familiar with them before she headed down the aisle…

On sick babies and wedding invitations

On sick babies and wedding invitations

Lebanese weddings are notoriously grand.

I spend my mornings with moms and their babies and my afternoons with 10 year olds, so needless to say we haven’t been invited to many weddings since we’ve lived here in Beirut.

We have been to a couple really nice weddings, but none that you would describe as traditionally (typically?) Lebanese.

We’ve seen glimpses of the fake hair, ball gowns to rival any red carpet event in Hollywood, fireworks and smoke dances in friends’ pictures who we know well enough to be facebook friends with but not enough to be invited to their weddings.


From our balcony, we’ve seen several processions of professional dancers leading the groom, his friends and family to the home of his new bride to pick her up.


I was so excited to finally get to attend a Lebanese wedding with all the glitz they are known for, but about half an hour before we were supposed to leave, we had to call an audible and I ended up staying home with a sick Ruby.

I tried to take a picture to prove that I actually do fix my hair and put makeup on sometimes, but Ruby poked me in the eye (and it really hurt!)


So Isla and Daddy had a fun little daddy-daughter date.  Isla was so excited to get all dressed up, see the bride and eat some cake.


Oh yeah, she came home with some pretty sweet dance moves, thanks to these guys…

random side note… our video camera is not great to begin with and then when I upload to youtube the quality gets even worse… anything I can do about that???



Apparently the girls think I am about 80

Apparently the girls think I am about 80

The other day we were in the van coming home from the beach with the girls, when Miss S asked me (for about the millionth time), “how long are you going to stay in Lebanon??”  So I explained (again) that we live here now and we will go home to visit our families, but this is our home.  I was trying to figure out how to make this stick in her head (she has nightmares about us leaving), so I told her that we would be here so long that I wanted to come to her wedding.  She looked at me with this strange look and said,

“Wait.  You will be dead by then.”

What?!?!  Okay…. maybe she’s thinking she won’t get married for a long time.  “When do you think you will get married?” I ask.

“Oh, in three years.”  (She’s 12, but that’s another story)

“Three years?!?!” I say, “Okay, let’s say you get married in 6 years.  You will be 18, and I will only be 33.  That’s not that old, I won’t be dead!”

“Oh, but Amu Charlie (our pastor who is not old at all) will be dead.”

And that was the end of the conversation.

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second month, second wedding

second month, second wedding

last month, caleb’s brother cody got married…

next month, caleb’s sister charity will be getting married…

this month – last weekend – caleb’s dad got married!

caleb did the wedding… lemme brag for a second – he did an amazing job! he had everyone crying and smiling… it was tough… marrying your dad only a year after your mom died to a woman who lost her husband only 8 months ago, but he did great capturing both the joy and the grief in the hearts of all who were present. if anyone ever needs to do a second wedding, he has a super script! :)

we’re so happy to have jane as part of the family! and it’s so wonderful that we get to be here for all the celebration before we head overseas!

a quick picture of us from the wedding… pics of the bride and groom and the new brady bunch (she has three kids, one is married… plus the three hutcherson kids and their spouses/fiances… a pretty crazy bunch!) coming soon!!! :)

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