Skyharbor Public WLAN

Thank you, Skyharbor, for free public Internet.  Even though we’re sitting here in Terminal 2, built back in the 60s (??), I can hop on here and check exchange rates on Euros and Lebanese Pounds, check weather in Chicago (yikes!), and get some last minute phone numbers…

Do you know what I’m talking about when I talk about those surreal moments in life where something happens, and then you feel like you get stuck in that moment and you have these little goosebumps that crawl up your arms and you think, “Did I really just say/do/think/hear that?”.  Well, when we checked in, I had one of those…

Airline Employee – Destination?

me – Umm, Beirut, Lebanon…[hands her our passports]

[cue stuck in moment experience]

That’s basically how it happened.  And at that moment, and not a moment sooner, all of these thoughts flooded into my head…we’re actually going (!!) on this survey trip…in the very near future we may very well be calling this destination “home”…did I zip my pants up this morning?…this “home” may be our home for a good chunk of our future…we’ve trained and prepared for this for such a long time.  It was one of those surreal moments.

And now, we’re sitting here in Terminal 2 about to get onto the first in a long series of planes and layovers on our way to arriving in Beirut about 28 hours from now… ;)  I really want to listen to Jimmy Eat World’s Sky Harbor

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