The new place (the “in-progress” post)

We’ve been officially in our new apartment for a couple of days now, although it is still a work in progress!  We are still waiting on the couch we bought to be delivered, we still need bookshelves and other random pieces of furniture, and Caleb is still messing around with plumbing and electricity issues, but slowly but surely things are coming together!  Thought I’d share a few pictures of the place so far…. we’ll do another “Cribs” episode when everything is a little more put together :)

The office/guest room….. come visit! :)

bedroom… with the bedding I somehow managed to squeeze into one of our 6 checked bags when we moved here, haha!

pay no attention to the cluttery mess :)

don’t you love the make-shift pantry?

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3 thoughts on “The new place (the “in-progress” post)

  1. I’m impressed you managed to get the bedding in your checked luggage when you moved. I struggled getting 2 sheets and a small blanket. That must be why your nick name is “wonder woman!” :-)

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